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Who we are


LMAT is a music education specialist focussed on innovative publishing, teaching product development and growing schools and peripatetic service networks.

We cover all aspects of training in the fields of Languages, Music and the Arts, working closely with brand partners to develop new tools, techniques and facilities to improve education in these areas.

We are a partner in the 'Affordable Education Plan for Music' which aims to make music education accessible and afforable to everyone.  We extend this focus and commitment to all areas that we work in.

What we do

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LMAT specialises in publishing for tuition books in language, music and Recommended book for next month:

'The Hayley Cramer Method drum tuition'book. Find out more at :


Our Products

We provide innovative new products for the music education sector at wholesale prices throughout the UK.

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LMAT Schools

LMAT provides a service to launch music schools in areas of demand throughout the UK with no setup costs.

If you are a teacher who requires more security in your job or simply a shop that wants the benefits of a school then we can help


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Free Music Lesson Scheme

pass it on

Learn an instrument today... - then pass on the lesson to you friends!


The Orange PC (OPC)
A PC based recording studio built in the form of an Orange Amp!

LMAT Schools

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